Your brain also need fitness (

Do you often lose your concentration at work? Sometimes feel so careless and stupid? Or you feel like sixty something years old because you are so senile? Well, maybe you just need some exercises.

Recently I feel so bored. There’s nothing to do at work. So, I searched something to kill my time. And I found  This website provides many kinds of brain games & brain training. If you like a small games and brain chalenges, you must be like this website. You will have a better brain health and performance, and also some FUN. But unfortunately not all of the games & training are free. But you can try 7 day premium trial.

The first thing to do is create your free account. And then you can try their games or take a basic training. There are 40 sessions in the basic training.

You can track your performance, and compare your ability in one cognitive area to another using BPI (Brain Performance Index). BPI is a measure of your performance in a given cognitive function. An increase in BPI indicates improvement. The BPI converts scores in very different activities to the same scale based on average scores across all users.

By the way if you have information about another similar website or dekstop version (of course free or cracked version), feel free to share with me. ^____^


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